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Key Keto is the best-tasting, most effective, and best priced Exogenous Ketone product on the market.

Key Keto’s BHB salts, also known as Exogenous Ketones, have shown benefits for athletic performance, mental performance, and increased energy.  When combined with a well formulated ketogenic diet and an exercise plan that works for your lifestyle, Key Keto can make weight loss easier and faster.

INSTANT KETOSIS – It can take days to get into ketosis after a day of eating high carb, and weeks to keto-adapt. During that time, you can deal with fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, and weakness since you’re not making enough ketones on your own yet. Cut that time down to minutes with Key Keto. Skip feeling like a zombie and enjoy the energy that comes with active ketones in your blood

LASTING ENERGY – Exogenous ketones can dramatically increase your energy at any time of the day with no jitters, heart pounding, or nausea. Key Keto can get you going physically & mentally, and can help you power through even the toughest workout or the longest meeting.

QUALITY – KEY KETO contains the highest quality BHB salts (beta-hydroxybutyrate). Each serving comes with 11.1 grams of high-quality patented goBHB and each jar contains 204 grams of product, which gives you 15 full servings or 30 half scoop-servings.

SIMPLICITY – Key Keto is easy to measure for each dose you take. Whether you need a half scoop for a little energy before work, or a full scoop before a workout or to get you back into ketosis after a carb refeed, our precise dosage scoop has you covered. Mix Key Keto with water or your favorite drink, it dissolves perfectly in liquids with no grit, no chalk, and no aftertaste.

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5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

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14 reviews for Key Keto – Lemon Lime Sherbet (15 Servings)

  1. Karina Sherman

    Honestly, this stuff is fantastic. I was struggling to find a healthy sugar-free pre-workout that wouldn’t upset my stomach and decided to use this as an alternative. I have no stomach issues whatsoever, it definitely kickstarts my brain and energy levels, and it actually tastes good. I love the simplicity of the ingredients, I love that it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and I love that I can mix in the Electrolyte powder with it for a killer combo! It’s a win all around!

  2. CarrieAnn M

    Delicious, best tasting exogenous ketones I have tasted. Helps control my appetite. Has everything I look for when buying my exogenous ketones. I am glad I decided to give these ones a try.

  3. Patrick S

    Love the flavor, and it mixes clear. No lumps or settlement on the bottom of the glass.

  4. Carrie

    Ok , when I first found this product I was worried about the first flavor not my favorite flavor but it was actually quite good i really liked it but when I saw that they had this new flavor I had to try it and it was fabulous! I love ❤ this company and i hope they continue with the keto products! Also the price range is pretty exceptional compared to others. I find the energy and mind clarity i get when adding this product to my keto regimen is just perfect for me! Id highly recommend this product! 5 stars for this product and company! 💥💥💥💥💥!

  5. Danielle

    Tastes really good! Hope the price stays low, because I’ll never order another brand/flavor ever again!

  6. Dave

    Really liking this new flavor. The smoother texture of the salts makes it dissolve much more easily than previous flavors that needed to be stirred longer before they dissolve. I definitely noticed a boost when I took it before my evening workout which wasn’t surprising considering my having used their products before, but still a good thing nonetheless. This flavor is pleasant but it’s noticeably sweeter than their strawberry lemonade is. I added a couple vanilla cream stacks to it that mellowed it out quite nicely though. All in all, I like this new addition and won’t have any issues working through my latest shipment. Last but not least, the customer service from this company is awesome! Try them out if you’re not already a fan!

  7. Umair S

    This stuff is amazing! It gives you great energy for a workout and is great for reading technical papers. The taste is much better than others and overall it’s great product

  8. Bryan

    The best exogenous ketones I have come across yet; I had recommended this to my clients …great taste and energy!

  9. Marilee M

    Amazing taste! 😋 Can’t put it down! Helps me fight the keto flu nicely and the price is right! Check it out! ❤️👍🏼

  10. Tara G

    This stuff is amazing! AMAZING! The flavor is fabulous…especially headed into summer. It has no after taste and dissolves easily in water. I HIGHLY recommend this product! Buy it again and again!

  11. Beck

    Key nutrients does it again. This stuff tastes better than sour head candy!! Super clean energy and a perfect addition to my keto lifestyle!! Will be making a video soon on YT – BeckFit

  12. Ryan P

    Great product from trusted dealer @KEY NUTRIENTS. I’m 101% satisfied with this purchase at reasonable price. The taste of this supplement is really good and tasty compared to other brands. Can be consumed once or twice a day as it does great job in boosting ones energy as well as Focus. As far to my experience i would highly recommend this #Excellent supplement product. Just go for it.

  13. Scott

    Great product that provides you with high amounts of energy. Works at any time of day and unlike other similar products does not come with jitters or nausea when using. Also, the lemon lime flavor makes the product taste delicious. Take this product before your workout to help you get through it with high energy and your desired results.

  14. Lee F

    First off, the flavor is great. Which has helped me tremendously. I have wanted to wean off of eating the high carbs I have been for a long time, but new it wasn’t going to be easy on my body if I did, and my research ended up bringing me here! And I have not looked back. This really helps you keep your energy level high. Especially before a run in the morning! Works far better than that crapuccino you’re going to buy from Starbucks today.

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Product Ingredients

  • goBHB™ Key Keto contains the highest quality BHB salts (beta hydroxybutyrate). Each serving comes with 11.1 grams of high-quality goBHB™ and each jar contains 278 grams of product, which gives you 20 full servings or 40 half scoop-servings.
  • NO ADDITIVES Key Keto contains only ONE active ingredient, lab tested and certified: the BHB salts that will get you into ketosis and give you lasting energy.  There are NO carbs or artificial flavors, and NO other active ingredients.


Safety information

Do not exceed recommended dose. Consult a physician before use if pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, or if you have a serious medical condition. Anecdotal responses of dizziness, headaches, and stomach discomfort after consumption have been reported.

Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


Exogenous ketones are generally not tasty and not meant to taste like a sugary fruit smoothie. Key Nutrients has spent countless hours ensuring the best tasting product possible. That said, some will still find it to be bitter or have less than pleasant aftertaste. For first timers, we recommend you start with ½ scoop.

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions3.6 × 3.6 × 5.75 in

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