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ENJOY CHOCOLATE AGAIN! – Sticking to a keto diet is not always easy. Everyone deserves to cheat here and there. The good news is, you won’t be cheating with Key KETO COCOA. It’s virtually sugar free and carbohydrate free!

DELICIOUS – If you are on a Ketogenic diet, enjoy sweets while managing Diabetes or follow a Paleo regimen, KETO COCOA is the great tasting, guiltless, keto chocolate indulgence you’ve been looking for!

MANY USES – our Keto Cocoa mixes easily in smoothies, hot water for a satisfying cup of keto hot chocolate and can be used in limitless baking recipes! It’s the perfect keto, low carb cheat snack!

8 GRAMS of MCTs – Each serving is filled with 8 full grams of MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCT’s), the healthy fatty acid that helps keep you in ketosis and continue to burn fat as your source for energy. MCT’s are also are also a rich source of anti-oxidants and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, our MCT Oil Powder is derived from coconut oil. 

MADE IN THE USA – Our Keto Cocoa’s high quality, lab tested, precisely measured MCT supplement is sourced and manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered, NSF & GMP certified facility. With Key KETO COCOA, you are promoting US businesses and supporting the innovation that fuels elite athletes, weekend warriors, and health-conscious people like you.

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    6 reviews for Keto Cocoa, Keto Hot Chocolate: MCT Oil Powder

    1. Karina Sherman

      Even though I read a lot of the reviews, I wasn’t fully prepared for how rich and deep the chocolate flavor in this MCT Oil Powder was! It’s like a super creamy hot chocolate flavor and blends pretty well in my coffee with one of those frothing sticks. I add a scoop of this and a scoop of the Multi-Collagen with some unsweetened macadamia milk to my coffee and it’s a delight! It’s not overly sweet but it is just, well, cozy tasting. LOVE IT.

    2. Maria F.

      This is one of my favorite adds to my smoothies! If you haven’t tried adding MCT powder into them you are missing out all the frothiness! It’s unreal.
      Love the chocolate taste if gives to lattes too! A great keto friendly treat to pair some low carb treats!

    3. Nick C.

      Keto Cocoa has been the real MVP lately! I’m loving the rich, deep, chocolate flavor it gives my coffees & mug cakes!! It also mixes really well in iced coffee. If you’re looking for something to add some jazzy to your coffees or miss chocolate milk. You should really consider this product. You can purchase through Amazon. It’s also a Veteran owned, & local company for me (they are in Arizona). The ingredients & macros are really great for keto, but really any lifestyle can benefit from this product.

    4. Miranda M.

      This MCT powder is amazing!! I’ve been drinking it in my coffee in the morning. It tastes just like hot chocolate!! It’s so delicious! And, I feel more energized when I drink it. More so than with just coffee alone. I’ve tried a lot of MCT powders and oils. They tend to upset my stomach, but not this one. This one is perfect! Will be ordering again!!!

    5. Amanda

      Tastes great! Can be a tiny bit clumpy at times, but not a big deal. I usually mix it first with a couple TBSP of hwc, then add whatever liquid I’m using (almond milk, coffee). Yum!

    6. Jen J.

      Some of the Keto products i’ve purchased have an ‘off’ taste. This was pretty good on it’s own and mixed with Coffee. I’ll be buying it again. The Swiss Miss Sugar Free cocoa still has a ton of carbs in it, so this is a good option 1 net carb per cup.

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