Answers to Your Electrolyte Questions

Answers to Your Electrolyte Questions

Want to know more about what goes into Electrolyte Recovery Plus? You're in luck! We've picked out some of the best questions from our community so you can be fully informed about the products you use to support your best health. Information is power, so read on!

What do electrolytes do?

Electrolytes are minerals which carry an electrical charge. Water binds to these minerals which unlock channels in cell membranes, allowing the water and minerals to enter into cells more easily than water alone. These minerals perform important functions such as facilitating nerve conduction, muscle function, cognition, and digestion. Kidney use mineral balance as a signal for how much water to retain or excrete, and so electrolyte mineral balance is important for balancing the amount of water in our bodies.

Are your Electrolyte Powders good for fasting to get sodium and potassium?

Our electrolytes are ideal for fasting since they contain no added sugar, carbs, or calories. Therefore, buy drinking Electrolyte Recovery Plus, you can stay optimally hydrated without breaking your fast. In addition, we use a biologically balanced ratio of sodium and potassium. We use 110mg sodium in our electrolytes (since most diets include sufficient sodium already) and 250mg of potassium. In addition, you will get 100mg of phosphorous and 100mg of magnesium in each serving.

Why do you have so much Biotin in your Electrolyte Powders?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is present in low amounts in most diets and is difficult for many people to absorb from food sources. Electrolyte Recovery Plus includes 300mcg of biotin, also known as vitamin B7. This vital nutrient helps cells convert the calories in food into usable energy for your body. It also strengthens connective tissues like muscles, skin, hair, and nails. Since it is water soluble, any excess your body doesn't use is excreted safely as waste.

Can I take your Electrolyte Powder while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, please discuss all dietary and supplement choices with your trusted healthcare practitioner. Many pregnant people continue to use Electrolyte Recovery Plus during and after pregnancy since the 17 vitamins and minerals support healthy function and energy without adding sugar or carbs.

Can I take your products if I have medical issues?

If you've already started our products then we suggest you compare and discuss your previous labs (before starting) and your most current labs with your physician, to get accurate information about how your body is responding to our products. Please let us know if you or your physician have any questions about our products, we're here for you.

Can I take your Electrolytes if I have a history of Kidney Stones?

While we are unaware of any evidence to suggest our products could contribute to kidney stones (and yes, we checked), we recommend that you discuss our Supplement Facts with your physician prior to beginning any new product. Electrolyte Recovery Plus is made with clean, plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, and all natural flavors and colors. It is free of sugar, carbs, calories, caffeine and dairy. We include 17 electrolyte minerals and vitamins in our blend.

I get a headache when I drink your Electrolyte Powder. Why is this?

Electrolyte Recovery Plus is sweetened with natural stevia extract. While most people find the taste of stevia pleasing and do not have any adverse reaction to it, some people are more sensitive to this sweetener which may be the source of headaches.

I feel nauseous when I drink electrolyte powder. Why is this?

Some people are sensitive to taking supplements on an empty stomach. If you experience discomfort when taking Electrolyte Recovery Plus, it could be due to this type of sensitivity. In this case, have your electrolyte drink with a snack or small meal so you can absorb the vitamins and minerals without stomach discomfort.

Are your flavors coming from synthetic or chemical substances or are they natural flavors?

Here is the list of our "Other" ingredients (CITRIC ACID, MALIC ACID, NATURAL PEACH MANGO FLAVOR, SILICA, BEET ROOT (FOR COLOR) AND REBAUDIOSIDEA (ORGANIC STEVIA LEAF EXTRACT) Our Electrolyte powders use ONLY naturally derived ingredients, and do not use ingredients that have been chemically synthesized. They have NO sugar, calories, carbs or caffeine, we use Non-GMO ingredients, all of our colors and flavors come from fruit and vegetables, we do not use artificial colors or flavors, we do not use MSG and do not have any hidden ingredients.

Where is the citric acid derived from?

It is naturally occurring from fruit. Key Nutrients takes pride in sourcing quality ingredients and ensuring that our suppliers comply with all applicable laws. However, we do not manufacture the citric acid in our products and cannot provide you with this information as it is considered confidential by our supplier. We can certify that it does not contain soy.

Did you remove the Vitamin D from your Electrolytes?

Yes. An earlier version of Electrolyte Recovery Plus included vitamin D. However, we have removed the vitamin D from the formula in order to keep it plant-based as the Vitamin D was sourced from sheep’s wool. We have not as yet been able to secure a plant-based form of vitamin D.

Are your products made in a facility that is safe from Gluten cross contamination?

No, our formulas are NOT created in a facility that is safe from potential gluten cross-contamination. Our manufacturer produces products with gluten but our formulas are gluten free.

Do you know if your electrolyte powder is NCAA approved for banned substances?

Per our manufacturer, “We do not do any official testing for NCAA – however, based on GMP production and standard release testing as well as all inbound testing – the materials should be the only thing in the product.” The materials used in our electrolyte products are listed in the Supplement Facts and Other Ingredients lists on the product label. There are NO hidden ingredients or fillers that are not disclosed on our labels, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to the products you are using to live your healthiest life.

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