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Unflavored Liquid Electrolyte Drops

Unflavored Liquid Electrolyte Drops

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Transform any beverage into a vitality-boosting powerhouse with on-the-go liquid mineral drops.


Energize with ease and enjoy the daily benefits of electrolytes in liquid form. These flavorless on-the-go liquid mineral electrolyte drops feature Ionic Trace Minerals from Great Salt Lake in Utah, as well as over 72 trace minerals found in seawater.

Formulated to fuel your performance with lightning-fast absorption, this convenient source of electrolytes offers proper hydration that helps to reduce the risk of muscle cramping and fatigue as you power through your daily routine.


Magnesium, Zinc, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfate, Lithium, Boron, Seawater, Ionic Trace, Minerals (ITM), Purified Water, Citric Acid

  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings
  • No gluten, soy, or dairy
  • No harmful chemicals

When to Take

Take one or more servings per day depending on activity level. Ideal to take:

  • Before, after, and during exercise
  • During extreme heat
  • To boost immune system while sick
  • To replenish liquids after drinking alcohol
  • While traveling

How To Use

  1. Mix 1/2 tsp (2.5 mL) with 32 oz of water or any beverage.
  2. Mix well before adding ice.

Note: This product has a hint of saltiness that fades as you mix with water or a beverage.

Important Information

Safety Information

Do not exceed recommended dose. Consult a physician before use if pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, or if you have a serious medical condition. Anecdotal responses of dizziness, headaches, and stomach discomfort after consumption have been reported.

Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • zero sugar iconZero Sugar
  • zero calories iconZero Calories
  • zero carbs iconZero Carbs
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  • Sodium icons


    Aids in muscle relaxation & fluid balance

  • magnesium icon


    Supports muscle function & energy production

  • potassium icon


    Supports metabolism & better digestion

  • calcium icon


    Assists muscle contraction & cell production

  • Chloride icon


    Supports osmotic pressure & aids flow of fluids

  • Phosphorous icon


    Delivers oxygen to muscles & maintains blood pH

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electrolyte drops mixed w/ water

0 Sugar, 0 Calories

- Hydrate guilt-free
- Zero artificial sweeteners
- Contains organic Stevia extract

drinking electrolyte drops

Helps Prevent Cramps

- Contains trace minerals, sodium, potassium & magnesium
- Replenishes fluids lost during strenuous activities
- Prevents electrolyte imbalance that causes cramps

man drinking electrolyte drops mixed w/ water

Enhances energy levels

- Liquid electrolytes help regulate nerve & muscle function
- Vital for energy metabolism w/c converts food into fuel
- Promotes absorption of glucose & other energy sources

electrolyte drops by Keynutrients

Fights Dehydration

- Prevents electrolyte imbalance causing dehydration
- Regulates bodily fluids for proper muscle contraction
- Quickly Replenishes lost bodily electrolytes on-the-go


Frequently Asked Questions

What are liquid electrolyte drops?

Our sugar-free, gluten-free liquid electrolyte drops are concentrated solutions containing essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, formulated to replenish electrolytes in the body for all health conditions. Our drops come in small, convenient bottles and can be added to water or other beverages for easy consumption.

What are the advantages of electrolyte drops over powder electrolytes?

Liquid electrolyte drops offer several advantages over powder electrolytes – first, they often have a faster absorption rate since they're already in a dissolved state or solvent. This means your body can quickly access and utilize the electrolytes for hydration and performance. Secondly, liquid drops are usually more convenient to use on-the-go since they don't require mixing or measuring like powder forms do. Additionally, liquid electrolyte drops, unlike other conventional electrolytes, tend to have a more palatable flavor.

Should I replace water with liquid electrolytes?

While liquid electrolytes or liquid IVs can be a beneficial addition to your hydration routine, they shouldn't replace water entirely. Water remains crucial for overall hydration and bodily functions. Think of GMP-certified liquid electrolytes as a supplement to water or water additive for hydration, especially in situations where you need to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat or intense physical activity.

How much liquid electrolytes can I drink daily?

The amount of liquid electrolytes you should consume daily depends on various factors such as your activity level, calorie intake, climate, food safety, cellular transport technology, and individual hydration needs when you consume non-GMO, vegan electrolyte drinks. It's generally recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance. However, do avoid excessive intake, as overconsumption of electrolytes can lead to imbalances and potential health risks.

What makes a good liquid electrolytes formula?

A good liquid electrolytes formula or electrolyte powder should contain a balanced blend of essential vitamins, trace minerals, active ingredients, and minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to support hydration and electrolyte balance. Look for formulas or dietary supplements that are free from artificial ingredients, chemicals, and additives, with a focus on rapid absorption for quick replenishment. Always consult your doctor to ensure any supplement or addition to your diet complies with your specific medical conditions and needs, as well as examine for any potential safety risks when taking nutritional supplements.

Can I mix liquid electrolytes with juice or any other beverage?

Yes, you can mix liquid electrolytes with juice or other beverages to enhance their electrolyte content without significantly altering their taste. Experiment with different combinations of our electrolyte supplements to find flavors that complement each other well, besides the normal 8 oz of water. Just be mindful of the overall sugar content if you're watching your intake, especially if you're using sweetened juices or fruit punch.

What should I not mix with liquid electrolytes?

Avoid mixing hydration drops for water with beverages high in caffeine or alcohol, as these substances and brands can have diuretic effects and potentially exacerbate dehydration. Additionally, steer clear of mixing electrolyte drops or other ingestible products with carbonated or fizzy drinks, as the reaction may cause excessive foaming or effervescence.

Do electrolytes hydrate you faster than water?

Electrolytes and their key ingredients play a crucial role in hydration by helping regulate fluid balance, absorption of water, cell stability, and supporting cellular function. While water is essential for hydration, especially for basic fluid replenishment, electrolytes can enhance hydration by promoting more efficient fluid absorption and retention of water. So, in some cases, electrolytes may indeed hydrate you faster than plain water, particularly during strenuous exercise or in hot environments where electrolyte losses are higher.

How are electrolyte imbalances diagnosed?

Electrolyte imbalances are typically diagnosed through blood tests that measure the levels of various electrolytes in your bloodstream, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These tests can help identify deficiencies or excesses of specific electrolytes, guiding treatment and management strategies accordingly. If you suspect an electrolyte imbalance, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and guidance.

How do electrolyte drops help with performance?

Our flavorless electrolyte drops (seen above in actual product packaging) can help improve performance by replenishing essential minerals lost through sweat during physical activity or during hot weather. By maintaining electrolyte balance, these drops support proper muscle function, hydration, and overall energy levels, helping you perform at your best. Additionally, electrolytes play a role in nerve function and cellular communication, contributing to overall athletic performance and recovery. Shop our products to view the full variety of electrolyte forms for easy, on-the-go hydration.

What is a hydration multiplier?

A hydration multiplier, whether in fluid form or IV fluid form, refers to a product or formula designed to enhance hydration by delivering a concentrated blend of electrolytes, vitamins (such as Vitamin C or Vitamin B6), and minerals as a liquid water enhancer. These multipliers often come in the form of powders, tablets, or liquid concentrates that can be added to water to boost its hydrating properties. By increasing the non-flammable electrolyte content of water, hydration multipliers act as an electrolyte concentrate and help improve fluid absorption and retention, making it easier for your body to stay adequately hydrated.

What do electrolytes do?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that play various roles in the body, including regulating fluid balance, supporting muscle function, and facilitating nerve transmission. They help maintain proper hydration levels, pH balance, and cellular function, influencing everything from heart rhythm to muscle contractions. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are lost through sweat during physical activity or in hot environments, so replenishing them is crucial for overall health and performance.

What do you mean by "unflavored"?

By "unflavored," we mean it lacks an artificial, fruity, or tropical taste, maintaining only a subtle saltiness from its natural mineral content.