Extraordinary Essentials

Our daily routine calls for extraordinary hydration essentials. Enjoy the benefits of our science-backed formulas, bringing out the best version of yourself every day.

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  • 6 Essential Electrolytes

    Our products provide you the most comprehensive electrolyte blend for optimal hydration, fluid balance, improved performance, and faster recovery.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Our powder drink offers a well-rounded blend of vitamins and minerals, combined with electrolytes, provides a wholesome and nutritious drink tailored to your health needs.

  • No Sugar and Calories

    Our mix drink provides exceptional hydration without the drawbacks of added sugar or calories, ensuring a healthier and more refreshing choice for you.

drinking electrolytes while jogging

Extraordinary Hydration

Experience accelerated and efficient hydration, twice as fast as water alone, effectively combating dehydration and preventing regular cramping.

drinking KN electrolytes in the morning

Electrolytes Improve Day-to-Day Life

Boosts energy levels for work and play; helps regulate muscle and nerve function, ensuring optimal body movement; and helps you recover from hangover and travel dehydration.

mixing KN electrolyte powder w/ water


Expertly crafted by doctors, our products boasts 3X more electrolytes than leading sports drinks. With a science-based formula, they support your daily, active lifestyle & deliver fast-acting results.