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Do Electrolytes Keep You Hydrated? Five Reasons You Need Them

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There are many different sports beverages on the market today. While they come in different colors, they all have one thing in common: They contain electrolytes and claim to help hydrate people better than simply water.

However, these claims raise the question: Do electrolytes keep you hydrated?

This query is exactly what we will be exploring today.

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Without further ado, let’s find out if electrolytes really keep you hydrated.

What Are Electrolytes?

In layman’s terms, electrolytes are minerals that help the body to govern the balance of its fluids. Different minerals help the body to regulate muscle contractions, blood pressure and many other bodily systems.

The three main electrolytes are sodium, potassium and magnesium. However, there are some others as well, including:

  • Bicarbonate
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Phosphate

The right amounts and correct balance of electrolytes are needed to achieve optimal health and peak physical performance.

So, do electrolytes keep you hydrated?


This is precisely why athletes purchase electrolyte powder to add to their water or pre-made sports drinks.

With that out of the way, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the specific reasons.

Five Reasons You Need Electrolytes

There are many reasons you need to consume electrolytes, with the primary one hydration. However, beyond that, there are other key benefits to the consumption of electrolytes, including:

1. Enhanced Physical Performance

Electrolyte-infused beverages and some high-quality hydration pills help to replenish water and minerals that are lost during exercise, competition and other physically demanding tasks.

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As shocking as it may seem, losing just one to two percent of your body weight in sweat can have significant negative consequences on physical and mental performance. Sweat contains sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are all essential electrolytes.

Therefore, it is essential to replenish these minerals as you sweat.

2. Better Sleep

While many ask questions such as “Do electrolytes keep you hydrated?” few contemplate the implications of the answer outside of physical performance. However, electrolytes can have a sizable impact on the quality of your sleep.

Calcium helps the brain to convert tryptophan into melatonin and aids in promoting REM sleep, which is instrumental in feeling well rested. Of course, more restful sleep is critical for elevated daytime energy and focus.

3. Elevates Immunity

Electrolytes are closely linked with your immune system’s effectiveness. Various electrolytes work in tandem to control what is allowed to enter cells and promote apoptosis, which is the process used to kill off cells before they can mutate. Moreover, magnesium is vital in helping to control bodily inflammation.

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4. Better Cognition

While many are aware that dehydration can have a negative impact on one’s mental state, few know that being low on electrolytes can have a similar effect, despite the person being hydrated.

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Therefore, it is critical to ensure you are consuming enough electrolytes and not just pure water. While it is possible to consume too many electrolytes, the body is quite adept at disposing of unneeded minerals and bringing everything into balance.

5. Better Mood

In today’s fast-paced society, many of us lead relatively stressful lives. Moreover, scores of Americans suffer from anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is important to know that magnesium is quite helpful in fighting both of these ailments. This means that getting enough of this mineral via your food and beverages is essential for being in a better state of mind.

Getting Enough Electrolytes

So, do electrolytes keep you hydrated? Without a doubt. However, there are also many other benefits associated with consuming the right amount of electrolytes.

Make sure your body is getting the minerals it needs to achieve peak mental and physical performance by picking up our electrolyte powder lemonade hydration supplement and giving your body the fuel it needs.

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