Keto For Men

Keto For Men

The keto diet can produce different results for people based on their hormonal profile, which is traditionally designated by sex. When we talk about men and women in this context, these terms refer to a person’s hormonal profile, not their identity. While a ketogenic diet impart benefits like improved body composition, decreased inflammation, more stable moods and energy, and lowered risk of certain diseases for people of all sexes, today we’re going to talk about why the keto diet is a great choice for men, as well as tips and tricks specifically for the guys.

Men don’t suffer the same monthly hormonal fluctuations that a woman does (and we’re talking about the hormone profile of these sexes, not a person’s identity), and this is an advantage for men because they don’t need to alter their calories or carbs in a cycle. Their relatively steady hormone balance means that they can use the same diet guidelines every day of the month and expect consistency in all these benefits, only adjusting when they have reached a plateau.

Benefit # 1: Rapid Fat Loss

Men tend to see the fastest weight on the ketogenic diet! This is one of the top reasons men choose keto, since the diet is so easy to follow and the results are so fast. Even better, it’s comparatively easy for men to reach their target body composition on keto. This means that they lose fat specifically, while maintaining lean muscle mass. This benefit alone leads to many positive downstream effects, like decreased inflammation and joint pain, as well as decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, since obesity is such a strong risk factor in that regard.

Benefit #2: Testosterone Boost

It’s no secret that testosterone declines as men age. Sufficient levels of testosterone are necessary to build muscle, maintain a positive attitude, be motivated, participate in bedroom activities, and so much more. Without enough testosterone, you can feel weak, unhappy, and start losing muscle mass. In fact, declining testosterone can lead to accelerated aging, so keeping up your T through natural means like a keto diet can help keep you younger for longer.

Benefit #3: Build Muscle Quickly

Who doesn’t want to see fast gains from working out? Men on keto tend to see faster muscle development and strength gains when sticking to a keto diet. Part of the reason for this is that keto emphasizes protein intake as well as fat, and high protein is necessary for optimal hypertrophy. Men generally have an easier time maintaining consistent energy using fats to fuel their workouts, so the protein goes straight to building muscle.

Men’s Keto Hack

Some men are brilliant in the kitchen and love to create elaborate meals for themselves and others. However, many men lead busy lives and don’t have time to make complicated meals, or cooking may not be their forte. What’s a man to do?

Prep cook your meals in batches!

Take one day of the week and prepare all the food you’ll need for the week. This can be done with a minimum of kitchen equipment, like a stove, sheet pan, and large frying pan, so this tactic works even in the smallest spaces. Cook up your proteins and veggies for the week, and separate your lunches and dinners into storage boxes that stack neatly in your fridge. When it’s meal time, just choose one, microwave, and enjoy, no further decisions or work necessary!

Prepare with snacks!

Hunger sneaks up on you, and getting hungry when you’re busy can cause irritability. Lashing out at the people around you won’t win you any friends, so keep keto snacks handy, like protein bars (read the labels for hidden sugars), peanuts, or nut butter packets for quick delicious calories that won’t spike your blood sugar. Many guys experience reduced hunger after the first few weeks on keto but it’s always good to have snacks on hand if you’ll be on the road or working later than planned.

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