Key Nutrients - Top Rated Products

Key Nutrients - Top Rated Products

Key Nutrients was founded to support you on your journey to a happier, healthier life. So many people struggle with making sustainable, healthy choices and we wanted to make it easier and simpler to enjoy vibrant health at any age. We address some of the biggest challenges people face in crafting a personalized healthy lifestyle by formulating supplements with a short, targeted ingredient list. Our FDA-registered facility manufactures our products in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We’re a veteran-owned company and our products are proudly made in the USA. Our focus is on natural, effective, affordable, and high-quality products that make your life better. Whether that means adhering to a strict ketogenic lifestyle or simply making healthier choices for yourself and your loved ones, our clean, science-backed formulas will help you feel better, stay sharper, and get stronger. We want to make keto and healthy living easier, and we are thrilled to have you as part of the Key Nutrients family.

Electrolyte Recovery Plus Lemonade

Electrolytes are the number one thing missing from most diets and are especially important on keto. On a ketogenic diet, your body releases excess water. As this water leaves your system, it takes these valuable electrolyte minerals with it. If they aren’t replaced, you’re headed for the land of the dreaded keto flu. Unlike the seasonal flu, which is caused by a virus, the keto flu happens because of electrolyte loss and dehydration, which causes headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog. It’s not fun! And it’s easily avoided by ensuring adequate consumption of the electrolyte minerals found in Electrolyte Recovery Plus. Lemonade is one of the most popular flavors, and it contains high doses of the electrolyte minerals you need, along with cofactors to keep you feeling your best.

Electrolytes are essential for any type of training as well. Electrolytes support optimal muscle and nerve function and ensure cellular energy production, which means you can train harder and longer. Electrolytes are lost in sweat, so the harder you train, the more electrolytes you’ll need to stay on top of your game.

Electrolyte Recovery Plus is ideal for any healthy way of eating. It’s sweetened with stevia and contains no carbs or calories. It contains absolutely no fillers or stimulants. Electrolyte Recovery Plus dissolves easily in water or your favorite beverage. Most people drink it cold, but it can also be mixed in hot drinks, like tea. Make this a staple in your kitchen and your gym bag to take your hydration to the next level!

Cathy Dean from calls Key Nutrients Electrolyte Recovery Plus Electrolyte Powder “The best electrolyte supplement for the keto diet”. Thanks Cathy!

Maria from has created an electrolyte morning elixir drink using Electrolyte Recovery Plus. She says, “I have been using Key Nutrients Electrolytes because the taste is amazing and I can easily find them at Amazon, they have a lot of delicious flavors while having no calories. WINNING!”

Key Keto Strawberry Lemonade

On a ketogenic diet, your body produces ketones from the foods you eat and from fat stores in your own adipose tissue. Since they’re made inside your body, they’re called “endogenous.” Ketones you drink, on the other hand, are called “exogenous” because they come from outside your body. Turns out taking exogenous ketones can be a great way to kick start your own keto-adaptation, and come with a list of other uses!

We highly recommend using exogenous ketones in the adaptation phase of the ketogenic diet because they make the transition so much easier. First, you’re training your body how to use ketones as a source of energy instead of carbs so you don’t have to keep groggy, lethargic, and run down. Second, you can seriously decrease your carb cravings because you’ve got a steady supply of fuel as your liver ramps up production of your own ketones.

Even if you’re keto-adapted, Key Keto can help you maximize your potential! Make a Key Keto drink before you head to the gym for a sustainable boost of energy even in your hardest training sessions. Or, use Key Keto after a carb refeed to get you back into ketosis quickly. Key Keto Strawberry Lemonade tastes great and mixes easily. Sweetened with stevia, Key Keto contains absolutely no carbs, stimulants, or fillers.

Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Our ancestors ate all kinds of tough stuff, like connective tissue from the animals they hunted, and parts of fish that today we don’t even want to touch. They got to enjoy the benefits of eating these collagenous parts such as easy digestion, plump skin that heals quickly, strong nails and hair, and healthy tendons and ligaments that kept them strong and mobile into old age. Collagen isn’t in most modern diets, but this important protein is essential to keeping our bodies healthy, strong, and flexible. What’s a modern human to do?

That’s easy! Add Multi Collagen Protein Powder to your drinks! Multi Collagen is formulated with five types of collagen from grass-fed cows, fish, and poultry to ensure you are getting a full spectrum of benefits. Different vitamins are needed to support health in a variety of ways, and the different types of collagen benefit different tissues in your body. With biotin to support strong hair and nails, as well as plump skin, the real benefits are on the inside. Collagen is great for digestive health and maintaining pain-free joint strength and flexibility.

Multi Collagen is tasteless and has no texture so you can mix it in any hot or cold beverage without changing the flavor. Try it in your morning coffee! As with all Key Nutrients products, there are no fillers or carbs. It’s unsweetened so you can mix it with any drink you like, even mixing it with electrolytes or exogenous ketones for a powerful boost to your day!

Keto Cocoa

How do you make keto better? By adding chocolate, of course! But not just any chocolate: cocoa blended with MCT oil powder to give you a boost of energy while you satisfy that chocolaty craving. MCT oil powder is an ideal fuel boost because your liver converts it to ketones quickly, giving you energy your body and your brain can use, fast! It’s not like a stimulant though. MCTs are fuel that can power all your tissues without the kind of crash you can get from caffeine, and without keeping you up at night.

More than just fuel, Keto Cocoa is a delicious and soothing drink that you can enjoy hot or cold. The rich chocolate flavor will satisfy even your most intense cravings. Blended with ice and heavy cream it’s a perfect chocolate shake, or add it to your morning coffee for a superpowered keto mocha. It dissolves easily in any liquid with no blending needed.

Want to get your cocoa fix but stick to your healthy keto diet? That’s what Keto Cocoa is for! It’s sweetened with stevia so it has no carbs, avoiding the blood sugar spike you’d get from traditional chocolates. There isn’t any fillers: just pure ingredients for smooth, natural flavor. You can savor your favorite indulgence with none of the guilt. This versatile Keto Cocoa mix is a fan favorite that everyone in your family can enjoy!

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