Affiliate FAQ

Learn the Ropes

Take a look at our Affiliate FAQ for answers to some of the most common questions. Something still not clear? Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted out quick!

Simply put, yes! Anyone with a computer, the internet and a network of people can promote our products and get paid! We screen applicants for the purpose of protecting our brand image, and ask everyone to respect the family-friendly nature of our brand.

Only about five minutes of your time! Otherwise, it’s totally free.

No! Obviously we’d love for you to promote our products on a website, but some of the most successful affiliates rely solely on their social media reach!

This typically happens when you’re already a Key Nutrients customer, or have logged in to our main website in the past.

The solution? Just log in!

Click here to log in first, then head back to the application and continue filling out.

It’s really simple. Create your custom URLs in the backend of our Affiliate Area and distribute them on social media, your website or elsewhere. Once a customer clicks on your URL, they will be driven to our website, and a cookie containing your referral code will be saved in their browser. When they purchase a product, the cookie is tracked, and ‘credit’ is given to your account – in the form of cold hard cash!

The money will be transferred to your Paypal account on a regularly scheduled basis.

Click here to sign up,create your custom URL in the Affiliate Area and share it with your network. It’s as easy as that!

Simply shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Yes. At the bottom of the Affiliate Registration page, there is a hyperlink to the agreement.

Not at all! All you need is a network of people to talk to and a PayPal account!

No – we don’t want to store your bank account information on our servers, and PayPal’s security is top notch. That’s why we trust them to make the transfers for us.

Too easy! Just go to ‘My Account’ here or in the footer (below), and you can log in and change your password there.

You can! If you use our logo, we simply ask that you use our brand colors and make sure it’s visible. The important thing is to use your URL – the image does not affect your commission.

15% for every conversion is the default commission rate.

Increasing your commission rate depends on the order volume that you send our way. The more orders you send us, the more we pay!

Our current commission rate tiers are as follows:

$0 – $500 | 15%

$500 – $1,00 | 20%

$1,000+ | 25%

** Note that sales volume resets at the beginning of each month

If any questions, shoot us an email [email protected]

There are a TON of great articles out there, but here are our top five tips for success:

Be authentic – people want to see your honest review of the product!

Be clear – make your call to actions crystal clear. Use button shapes, bold fonts and bright colors.

Be creative – order a product that you want to sell and take pictures or video with it in creative ways!

Be appropriate – use each platform the way they are supposed to be used. Have glamorous images on Instagram, longer posts for Facebook, and funny snaps on Snapchat.

Be persistent – don’t spam people, but be sure to update your posts daily. Not everyone checks in with you every day, and you don’t want people to miss your post!

Here are some other resources:

It’s so easy! Copy and paste the code snippet from your Affiliate Area into your website, email or social media post. Ensure that you’re using your URL!

Unfortunately, no – at this point we can’t provide print quality images. But feel free to pull our product images from ourshop page here.

If you are signed up as an affiliate, you can see them in your Affiliate Area under the Referrals Tab.

If you are signed up as an affiliate, you can see them in your Affiliate Area under the Statistics Tab.

Kind of. Once you generate a URL using our URL builder, you can use Google or Bit.Ly to compress the URL, or add a query string on the end (e.g., but a completely custom URL will not function the same way.

If you are signed up as an affiliate, you can create them in your Affiliate Area under the URLs Tab. Just follow these steps:

1. Find a page or product on the Key Nutrients website that you want to promote.

2. Copy the URL to that product.

3. Paste the URL into the URL Builder in the Affiliate Area

4. Click Generate URL!

Not at all – just an internet-capable device and your creativity!

No! Your earning potential is unlimited.

Yes. Our brand is family friendly and thus we ask that you keep our products away from any site that is illegal, discriminating, defamatory, pornographic or that in any way would degrade our brand or our products. For full details of prohibitive activities please refer to our Program Agreement.

Affiliate cookies remain for 45 days.

To the link you created! For example, if you generated your affiliate URL to point to our Key Keto product, that’s where they will go!

Unfortunately, not at this point.

No. Just kidding! Of course you can! Many of the most successful affiliates solely promote on social media.

Just to name a few:

• Instagram
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Tumblr
• Snapchat
• Periscope
• YouTube
• Personal websites/blogs
• Pay-per-click advertisements
• So much more!