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Yes! When you begin training to run, you’re placing greater demands on your body than you have been, and your muscles aren’t used to the stress. This can mean soreness and fatigue, among other sensations that might keep you from getting back to running. Hydrating effectively with electrolytes will help you feel better during your run, and recover faster so you don’t have to be so sore or depleted.

You can, and water is great for your overall wellness. However, when you’re training, your body is using up essential electrolyte minerals faster because of your increased level of activity. Without adding electrolytes back in, you will have more fatigue and tiredness, and will take several days to recover. With electrolytes, you’ll bounce right back, ready for the rest of your day, and ready to train again tomorrow.

Not the good ones! Key Nutrients Electrolyte Drink Mixes contain NO sugar, artificial flavors or colors, and work well with any healthy way of eating. What we DO have is electrolyte minerals in the same ratio as your body needs them, along with a few vitamins to support feeling your best. They’re naturally sweetened with stevia, and dissolve easily in water or any other beverage. Check our blog for some great recipes!

It’s best to have one electrolyte drink 30 minutes before training, so these minerals can be absorbed into your bloodstream and be available during your activity. Have another electrolyte drink after you’re finished training to ensure your body has all the minerals and vitamins needed to recover quickly and avoid soreness and fatigue. If you’re training longer than an hour, have an electrolyte drink in the middle of your run as well.


We know training is hard, so we handpicked the products that can help you make the most of your efforts. Whether you’re new to running, or a seasoned athlete looking for a record time, electrolyte and nutrition support can help you feel better on every run. Even better, you’ll recover faster with less fatigue and soreness so you can get back to your life.