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At Key Nutrients, we pride ourselves in providing you with accurate information. Helping you achieve your health goals is our utmost priority, thus every article is reviewed and fact-checked by doctors. This helps to ensure that all of our content is evidence-based and backed by science, not swayed by the latest health fad.

Dr. Bryan C. Siegel, DC, PLC

Dr. Bryan C. Siegel is a board-certified chiropractic physician with extensive post-graduate training as relates to clinical nutrition and functional medicine. He graduated from the prestigious NYCC in 1991. Since...

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Editorial Network

We’re passionate about bringing you the facts based on up-to-date research in an easily digestible format. Our writers present the latest nutrition tips and tried and true facts in a way that anyone can understand and relate to.

You’ll find topics related to nutrition, the keto diet, fitness, electrolytes, collagen, exogenous ketones and so much more.

Heather L. Makar, NASM

Obsessed with human longevity and optimization. On a mission to cure aging. TedX speaker. Researcher and writer for over 10 years. Pro-science, anti-dogma. AS in Graphic Design.

Aspiring geneticist....

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Emily Ziedman, MS, CN

Emily Ziedman is a Certified Nutritionist with her Master’s of Science in Nutrition Research. Upon receiving her degree, she began clinical practice working one on one with clients. As a...

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