You've hit a plateau in training, now what?

You've hit a plateau in training, now what?

Runners of all skill levels have plateaus in performance from time to time. It’s completely normal to reach a plateau after you’ve been training for a while. When you hit...
Perfect Partners: Why Running and Electrolytes were Made for Each Other

Perfect Partners: Why Running and Electrolytes were Made for Each Other

If you're starting a new running program, or you've been training for a race, it's time to level up your hydration strategy. Water is great, but you also need electrolyte...
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Can You Be Overhydrated?

Source: Rido/Shutterstock.com If you’re an athlete, gym junkie, or simply an active adult who is serious about their hydration, you may have asked yourself the question, “Can I be overhydrated?”...
D3 + K2: A Powerful Duo for Immunity, Bones, and Hearts

D3 + K2: A Powerful Duo for Immunity, Bones, and Hearts

Vitamin D3 is produced in our skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin K2 is less well-known, but is equally important, since it’s a cofactor that helps D3 do it’s job. What...
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5 Alternatives to Buying a Gatorade Electrolyte Drink

shutterstock/antoniodiaz The body needs electrolytes. Whether you are in the gym working out three hours a day or you enjoy a 20-minute early evening walk with your partner, having a...
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Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance and What You Can Do

shutterstock/PAstudio Electrolytes are vital for key life functions. They help regulate blood plasma and bodily fluid levels. They maintain normal pH levels in the blood and help with the blood...
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When Should You Drink Electrolytes?

shutterstock/PeopleImages.com - Yuri A While most people are familiar with the term "electrolytes," far fewer have a real understanding of what they are or why they're important. Technically, electrolytes are...
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Exercise Tips: Importance of Hydration During Exercise

No matter if you are an elite athlete or just someone who is conscious of their health and well-being, the importance of hydration during exercise remains the same.
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What Are the Benefits of Electrolytes?

If you’ve ever seen an ad for a sports drink or taken a health class, you are at least peripherally aware of the existence of electrolytes and our dependance on...
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How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

Summer is in full swing, which means that just about everyone is clamoring to get outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine.
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What Workout Supplements Should I Take?

For those who exercise regularly, maximizing gains and other health outcomes are important goals to achieve.
Keto For Men

Keto For Men

The keto diet can produce different results for people based on their hormonal profile, which is traditionally designated by sex.